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In a nutshell

Originally created as a high tech-replacement to disposable cameras, Jaunty Twig offers the service of allowing you and your guests to take and share photos during your wedding or event and see them displayed LIVE on a slideshow at your venue. How fantastic?! Guests can also sign an electronic Guestbook and record a 10 second Video message and you receive a complete copy of everything afterwards to delight over and share on your social media.

It was fun ... took photos of myself and friend and put them up. Also some of random people next to us! Well done. Great idea for parties and dare I say weddings!
Joanne Smith

About Us

Jaunty Twig is the brain-child of professional photographer Lesley Taylor. Embracing the mobile generation, Jaunty Twig offers a new and unique perspective from guests of events around the UK


Jaunty Twig is now available on both Apple and Android phones

Recent enhancements include an electronic Guest Book for guests to sign and the facility to record a 10 second Video Message. All images and messages are provided post event to the wedding couple or event organiser. Get in touch to find out about our celebratory discount offer!

An excellent night made even better by the constant feed of group photos, selfies and the odd unexpected close-ups! Fantastic app - would use it again, definitely a winner!
Christine Tonks


  • Your guests share photos
  • Photos are displayed at your reception venue on a real-time basis
  • Create an unforgettable focal point at your wedding!

Jaunty Twig is a FREE App

Keeping it clean

All shared photographs are moderated prior to any appearing on the live slideshow, making sure your guest's get creative!


  • Jaunty Twig works for any gathering
  • Guests/attendees share their own experience
  • Use the venue's own media functionality to display shared photos

Fab night last night, your idea is amazing!!
Anne Willmott Lyon ‏@annieliz13

How does Jaunty compare with disposable cameras? Well, 15 disposable cameras + developing to CD (no prints) costs approx. £120. We guarantee Jaunty Twig customers, no wastage or developing hassle!


LOVE @JauntyTwig
Amy Chessman ‏@disguisedzebras

“Enhance your wedding or event by using Jaunty Twig to capture, collect and display your guest's images LIVE at your venue as well as offering a Guestbook and Video messaging facility. Post event, you receive a complete copy of everything!"
Lesley Taylor

The Jaunty Twig interactive experience App, crowd sources guest's mobile phone photos taken during a wedding or event and displays them live at the venue. Please visit The Wedding Industry Awards blog as they explain it perfectly!

Pricing - Option 1

Jaunty Twig is FREE to hire for a 'Virtual Event'! Your venue must offer FREE Wi-Fi access for your guests.

Pricing - Option 2

To hire Jaunty Twig and manage the approval of your guest's photos and run the automated slideshow yourself, the cost is £175. Your venue must offer FREE Wi-Fi access for your guests. A full set of approved images are provided electronically after the event.

Pricing - Option 3

To hire Jaunty Twig for your wedding or event, we offer two levels of service: 3 hours for £175 and 6 hours for £325. We manage the projection of your live slideshow and provide tablets (for those who do not have a mobile phone to join in the fun). We can also hook into your venue's media if available. A full set of approved images, Guestbook and Video messages are provided to you after your event. Your venue must offer FREE Wi-Fi access for your guests.

Wedding photography by Brighton Photographer Emma Lucy

Lesley Taylor

More about Lesley
Twitter @lesley_infinity
" I'm so pround of Jaunty Twig and everything he is becoming ... "
Jaunty Twig

Jaunty Twig

More about Jaunty
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Twitter @jauntytwig
" I've never seen such a sight with my own eyes I tell you! "

Virtual Events

  • You promote the use and download of Jaunty Twig at your event
  • Your guest's photos then appear on a dedicated gallery on their phones
Jaunty Twig Logo

Hire Jaunty Twig

If you are a venue who has Wi-Fi, multi media screens and/or a projector, then consider hiring Jaunty Twig on a short or long-term basis for your own clients to use

If Wi-Fi is free for your guests ...

... then contact us to arrange a meeting and venue visit to discuss your bespoke requirements and try out Jaunty Twig for yourself

Once you've become an approved venue, your details will be listed in our 'Friends of Jaunty' area so bride & grooms and event planners know how to find you.

Contact Us

  • Email: jaunty@jauntytwig.com
  • Mobile: 07867 525090
  • 2 Gardeners Cottage, Newtimber BN6 9BU

Once you've become an approved supplier, your details will be listed in our 'Friends of Jaunty' area so bride and grooms, event planners and venues know how to find you.


Jaunty's Blog

News, updates and information straight from the horse's mouth. Come visit again soon!

Please contact us if you have any questions about how Jaunty Twig works, our pricing structure, to arrange a working demonstration or to discuss booking Jaunty Twig's services for your event or venue.

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