Jaunty Twig Update

Well, the Covid-19 pandemic unfortunately put paid to our plans to bounce back into the wedding & event industry with a vengeance! Tentative discussions are underway for an alternative path for the Jaunty App for now. Until then, we’ve removed our app from both the Apple and Android stores and sent our image CMS on a well deserved holiday until further notice. We’ll be back old bean!

Here’s what Jaunty Twig does:

What exactly does Jaunty Twig do I hear you ask?! The Jaunty Twig app collects photos shared by guests during your event/wedding/festival/conference/funeral which are then displayed LIVE at your venue. Guests can also sign an electronic Guestbook, record Video messages and can share photos to their own social media feeds too.

Jaunty Twig is completely private so your photos are secure and cannot be viewed by the general public. You can however, set up a dedicated hash tag to collect photos automatically shared via Twitter and Instagram if you wish. Post event, you receive a complete copy of everything to share with your guests*

The app is free to download and you can even register and set up your own personalised event for FREE too here:


Alternatively, you can upgrade or hire in our services to moderate the images, manage the slideshow and provide a helping hand to your guests. VIP events – Jaunty Twig is an excellent choice for private/NDA events as guests can be given closed tablets to use so no photos end up in the hand of the press/competitors.

You can find out more about everything Jaunty Twig including pricing here:www.jauntytwig.com

*Optional upgrade

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