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" I'm so proud of Jaunty Twig and everything he is becoming ... "

Lesley Burdett

“I am a photographer, warrior & light painting star lover based in #Brighton UK”

The idea for Jaunty Twig developed from Lesley’s observations when photographing weddings and seeing people using their mobile phones. Whether you like it or not, they are part of our generation.

Noting a gap in the market, Lesley developed Jaunty Twig as a way of crowd sourcing guest’s images in a central location and using as a focal point at weddings and events.

“Jaunty Twig is designed to compliment the photographs taken by your professional wedding photographer, never replace them. Please do not consider booking Jaunty Twig instead of a professional photographer!”

Future development releases are underway which will enhance Jaunty Twig’s offering across the board and for years to come.