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Rock n’ Roll Bride

Jaunty Twig App WhiteWelcome you Rock n’ Roll Bride you!

The Jaunty Twig app was created as a high tech-replacement to disposable cameras and offers the service of allowing your guests to take and share photos during your wedding and see them displayed LIVE at your venue. How fantastic?!

Guests can also sign an electronic Guestbook and record a 10 second Video message for you. After your wedding, you receive a complete copy of everything afterwards to delight over, share on your social media, make up a Guestbook and Video montage.

Don’t panic! All shared images are moderated before being displayed on the live slideshow which can either be projected at your venue or shown via the venue’s TV or media screens.

Rock n Roll Bride

Jaunty Twig is the brain-child of professional photographer Lesley Taylor. Embracing the mobile generation, Jaunty Twig offers a new and unique perspective from guests of wedding and events around the UK.

You could even have an unplugged ceremony and ask guests to wait to use their phones until your wedding breakfast!  Here’s a review of Jaunty Twig by the Wedding Industry Awards.

The hire of Jaunty Twig costs just £175 for a 3 hour period which is ideal during your wedding breakfast or evening celebrations. If you’d like to hire Jaunty Twig for longer, the 6 hour period rate is £300. Compared to disposable camera costs, which are around £125 to purchase and develop to CD alone, Jaunty Twig is a great new app which provides a fantastic, real-time focal point at your wedding.

Please contact Lesley at to check availability.

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Rock n Roll Bride