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Hiring Jaunty Twig for your event will add an extra special dimension. It’s perfect for event organisers who want to capture the feel of their event, connect directly with their guests and add an excitement and buzz to proceedings by providing a live focal point of shared images to a large screen.

Guests adore using Jaunty Twig and we have witnessed screams from many excited guests when they see their photos appear up on the big screen at events!

Venue Image

All content is moderated so you can be confident the content displayed on the large screen is appropriate for all age groups. Your guests are able to share their Jaunty Twig photos on their own social media, sign an electronic guestbook and record 10 second video messages too.

Unlike other hashtag feeds, post event you receive a complete copy of shared images, guestbook and video messages to use on your social media.

We recommend a Jaunty Twig agent attends your event to manage the slideshow. We have vast experience dealing with in house/on-site production and VT teams.

Please contact us for more information: or call 07867 525090

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