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2014 Round Up

Happy New Year old beans. I trust your Christmas was full of merriment!

I just wanted to take a moment to recap on my first full year which quite frankly, was unbelievable. Since my initial launch in November 2013, my creator has worked tirelessly to ensure that progress to improve my app has been maintained. I had a slight polish in June of this year for my 6 week sponsorship of Brighton Big Screen and then thanks to some outside angel investment, this December saw the release of a major upgrade integrating my app with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Users can now get creative with their photos using filters and editing in the app, adding personal comments to photos which show on the slideshow and they can also share them directly with their own social media feeds. Couples and events organisers can now register to set up their own events and run their own slideshows and set up Hash Tags to enable incoming photos straight to the live slideshow so users at events are not forced to use Jaunty Twig. The feedback since this release has been fantastic!


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Nirvana Marketing joined the Jaunty Twig journey in September and they have been working very hard on Jaunty Twig’s PR. They have managed some fantastic results to date. Keep it up ladies!

Argus 15th October 2014 Perfect Wedding November 2014 Wired Sussex untitled

Throughout the year, bookings from couples and event organisers has been increasing and firm relationships with some major corporate, entertainment and educational clients have been established. Used by my peers at The Wedding Industry Awards in January was the greatest start to the year. My creator has attended many a local wedding fair and talked to hundreds of couples and the feedback is always the same “What an amazing idea!”

To assist event organisers and SME businesses understand the potential of most recent app update, there will be a launch event in February. Please follow the Jaunty Twig Facebook page for more information.

So I guess it really only goes for me to say thank you for your support during 2014 and if any couples, event organisers, venues or SMEs would like to know more about what Jaunty Twig can do you for, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Over and out!


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